Organic Methods

Conventional agriculture relies heavily on chemical inputs to grow crops.  At the same time, evidence of the harmful effects of pesticide and other chemical residues on human health and the environment continues to grow.   Human health effects can be especially detrimental in growing children.  Additionally, no one can be sure how GMO crops will affect human health in the future.  Aside from the health risks, conventional agriculture’s reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduces the natural productivity of the soil and pollutes both ground and surface waters, making it less sustainable than when organic methods are used.

Organic methods have strict guidelines and do not allow conventional chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically altered materials. It is safer for us, our environment, and food grown organically simply tastes better.

Floodway Gardens has been certified organic through O.P.A.M. (Organic Producers Association of Manitoba), from 2000-2008. We have voluntarily chosen not to pursue Certified status since that time. However, we continue to farm in the same way as we have done in the past, using the same organic methods, but without the burden of added administration.