How U-Pick Works

The U-Pick advantage allows you to get vegetables straight off the vine or straight out of the ground. There is simply no better way to get fresher vegetables!
Before You Come

Check for vegetable availability on our website, Facebook or phone message before you come. We provide daily and sometimes multiple updates daily if availability or field conditions change.


When you arrive you can either park under our treed shelterbelt (enter at our house driveway, exit by the stand driveway) or you can park on the road. 

Vegetable Picking

Begin at the stand, where we will direct you to where it is best to pick. We encourage you to bring your own pails or bags, but can also supply bags.

For root crops, we have digging forks in the field and can assist with digging. Cucumbers are a bit prickly so wearing thin gloves can make picking easier. If you bring mosquito spray we ask that you apply it away from the vegetables. 

There is always Floodway Gardens staff on hand to show how to pick, answer any questions, or provide other assistance. 


Amenities & Support

We have a handwashing station, and a water barrel (for vegetable cleaning), and a portable washroom for customer use. 

If your bags or pails are full, we will be happy to bring them to the stand for you. We can also drive you back from the field if you are tired, or just want a break. Picnic benches line the field if you need a place to sit. 


Checkout & Payment

You only pay for what you use, unwanted vegetable tops are removed and left on the soil. Nothing is wasted, as the tops will be tilled into the soil to decompose.  

Once you have picked your vegetables, our friendly staff will weigh them out at our checkout stand. We accept cash, debit, and major credit cards. Soon you’ll be on your way with delicious, 100% natural vegetables to enjoy!


We look forward to seeing you!